The importance of ensuring your organization doesn’t have any security vulnerabilities can not be understated in 2020. Malaysia penetration testing is one way to protect your business from internal and external threats. When a thorough vulnerability assessment and expert penetration tests are carried out by the best Malaysia based providers, all security threats to your organization will be identified, including both internal and external threats. Many providers use on-demand activity monitoring of web applications, network infrastructure, mobile application security to detect and categorize security vulnerability.

When you consider all of the news coverage dedicated to hacking attempts on a global scale, it is now vital that companies in all sectors do everything possible to keep their data security. Here are some things VAPT (vulnerability assessment and penetration testing) helps in:

  • Preventing damage a successful hacking attempt would do to a company’s reputation.
  • Finding fixes for the issues resulting from a previous attack.
  • Preventing intellectual property and confidential data from being stolen.
  • Preventing revenue loss as a result of service disruption.

According to Firmus, VAPT can also provide many more benefits to a company. Many of the benefits are preventative prescriptions that can help a company to avoid falling victim to a massive cyber attack. Lots of companies have no choice but to invest in penetration testing because such testing is a part of many regulatory compliance frameworks in countries around the world. Other companies are worried about corporate liability so want to be sure their systems are bulletproof.

Penetration testing can be carried out on a monthly, quarterly, yearly basis and the best providers can test systems from any industry. If your company is in a high-risk industry, you might need to undertake security vulnerability assessments on a more frequent basis.

There are typically 5 phases involved in evaluating an organization’s system security. Phase one involves information gathering. Phase 2 carried out manual scanning and automated scanning. In phase 3, security vulnerability analysis and assessment is conducted. Exploitation identification is part of phase 4. The final phase, phase 5, involves remediation and reporting.

When it comes to hiring comprehensive penetration testing service providers, you should look for experts that have leading industry certifications, such as Licensed Penetration Tester Certification and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) status. You want to hire a professional company that you can trust.

Many companies don’t understand the importance of regular penetration testing services until it is too late. Security vulnerabilities can cost businesses millions of dollars and completely destroy a brand’s reputation. What’s more, in many countries companies can be fined or criminally charged for not taking adequate steps to protect confidential employee and customer data.

So, if your company has not yet invested in penetration testing services, now is the time. Don’t wait until your company is facing a hacking attempt to ensure your systems are locked down. There are lots of great security testing firms in operation and prices are very competitive. In all honesty, however, you can not be a price on data security.