Kids love inflatable bounce houses, and there are all different types of them. Whether you plan to buy one, or rent one and install it yourself or have it set up by the professionals, there are some things you need to know. The professionals will certainly do the work if you leave it to them, but you still need a space in mind and to be prepared. You want the bounce house set up safely for the kids.

The first advice from Happy Hop Malaysia is that in order for an inflatable to be set up, there needs to be a flat surface. On top of that, you don’t want any debris on that surface. For example, there shouldn’t be any rocks. You don’t want to set up a bounce house on top of sprinkler heads either. So to get started, you first need that flat area of land and for it to be clear of debris.

That being said, you need to know the dimensions of the bounce house, too, in order to select the right patch of land. You’re also going to want to take note of what’s in the area you’ve selected in terms of tree branches and power lines. You don’t want those present either. Now, what else is important?

Let’s imagine that you’ve selected a concrete space for the bounce castle. That is great in terms of setup as far as what has already been mentioned. That is especially true if you’re talking about a concrete space underneath a pavilion or similar structure, where debris is less present. Yet what about the hard surface?

Well that leads me to the next tip, which is to make sure that you place a soft surface around the bounce house where the kids will be playing. That’s especially a good idea in terms of the entrance where the kids will be coming and going. That’s not all, as there is another tip that you need to know about as well. What is it?

Wind can cause issues when it comes to bounce castles. In general, you want an inflatable that is in use to be anchored, regardless. In fact, it not only needs to be anchored, but it needs to be anchored using long metal stakes. This is an important part of the setup.

Some of what has been mentioned is going to be part of your planning, whether you set everything up yourself or not. And now you also know what to expect the professionals to do if they are going to be setting up the bounce house for you. If they fail to address any of the safety concerns mentioned in this piece, then you need to be asking questions and making demands.

These are things you can talk with a company about, too, as you plan to call on them to bring an inflatable bounce castle out to your residence or place of business. You want to be sure the kids are safe, and that is going to require that all the rules mentioned are followed.